Score a MacBook Pro for under $500

TL;DR: As of June 24, get a refurbished MacBook Pro(opens in a new tab) for only $469.99 — you’ll save 66%.

Computer shopping for a soon-to-be college student is tough. Finding a computer that’s cost effective, reliable, and ready to travel from class to class is a challenge, but it’s not impossible if you know where to look. Instead of getting a brand-new, expensive computer, you might have better luck with a refurbished laptop like this MacBook Pro(opens in a new tab). Normally, this laptop costs $1,399, but you can get it for just $469.99. 

A low-cost MacBook for your new college student 

Send your student off to the new semester in style with a computer they can bring with them to every class. This refurbished MacBook Pro comes with a 54.5Whr battery that’s built to run for up to 10 hours on a single charge. That’s a full day of courses with some room to spare for homework. 

Without the right apps, a computer is just an expensive desk ornament. This one comes with 8GB RAM and an Intel Core i5 processor. It may not be able to run the latest video games and other heavily demanding software, but it could load up productivity software like Microsoft Office and other essential apps just fine.

If your student needs some focus time, they can connect a pair of Bluetooth earbuds and hone in on their work. And if the semester feels like it’s dragging, you can always ring them up on FaceTime and see them through the 720p HD front-facing camera. That could also be useful if they’re joining online lectures. 

When you’re shopping for refurbished devices(opens in a new tab), always check the refurbished rating to get an idea of what you’ll be unboxing. This MacBook has a “B” rating, which means it might have some light scuffs or scratches on the case, but it won’t change how the computer runs.

Send your student to school with a reliable laptop

You may not have to drop the cost of tuition on a computer for your college kid. 

Get a refurbished Apple MacBook Pro(opens in a new tab) for $469.99. 

Prices subject to change.

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