Save 97% on 10TB of cloud storage for life, only $70

TL;DR: As of June 18, get a Lifetime Subscription to Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage (10TB)(opens in a new tab) for only $69.97 — that’s 97% off.

Low storage warnings are a pain, especially if you run into them every time you try to install a new app or take a high-definition photo. If you want to keep all your files organized(opens in a new tab), secure, and out of the way, then it’s high time to connect to a cloud storage service that can also act as a file hub for all of your devices. 

Prism Drive is a secure cloud storage service that works for practically any type of file. For just $69.97, you can get a lifetime subscription to 10TB of cloud storage from Prism Drive, but that price will only stick around until June 20.

Store almost any file from any smart device 

Whether you’re on your laptop, iPad, or phone, low storage warnings are a drag. If you don’t want to worry about low storage warnings anymore, get 10TB to store all the files you can’t bear to part with. Store photos, personal videos, important work files, and more in your personal cloud drive(opens in a new tab)

Prism Drive has a 10GB file size upload limit. If you’re uploading a large folder, you might end up needing to split it up, but you can always move your files around once they’re uploaded. Plus, you don’t have to download your photos again to enjoy them. Prism Drive gives you file previews so you can scroll through your feed without clogging up your hard drive. If you want to share any files, you can create links that you can share with anyone. 

If all your stuff is stored in one place, security is a must. That’s why Prism Drive uses zero-knowledge encryption(opens in a new tab), so you’re the only person who will know what you have saved. If you’re more worried about user error than hackers, you can relax knowing Prism Drive has a 30-day trash history. If you accidentally delete something, you have 30 days to restore it. 

Protect your files for as long as you need them

If you want to save your files without clogging up your hard drive, cloud storage is a useful solution.

During this flash sale, you can get a lifetime subscription to Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage (10TB)(opens in a new tab) for just $69.97 (reg. $2,490). Sale ends June 20 at 11:59 p.m. PT. 

Prices subject to change.

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