Twitter Blue subscribers now have more time to edit tweets

Editing your tweets, if you can do it at all, has become a bit less restrictive.

On Wednesday, Twitter’s official Twitter Blue account said that Twitter Blue subscribers now have up to one hour to edit their tweets.

Initially, users could only edit their tweets within 30 minutes of posting. Twitter’s help document(opens in a new tab) for Twitter Blue now also says that the feature now has a “1 hour window to make a limited number of changes to published tweets.”

The ability to edit tweets was one of the most requested changes on Twitter for years, and while it finally launched in 2022, it’s only available as a perk for people willing to pay the $7.99 Twitter Blue monthly subscription price. Other perks include the ability to post longer tweets, get prioritized ranking in conversations and search, and see fewer ads on the platform.

For all its controversy – mainly due to Twitter’s decade-long insistence on not adding the feature – the ability to edit tweets doesn’t appear to have caused many issues, which is probably why Twitter has now relaxed the rules around it a little.

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