How many Apple products can you buy for one Vision Pro headset?

The Vision Pro surrounded by other Apple products.

At today’s WWDC event, Apple made jaws drop when it announced that its newest product, the Vision Pro AR/VR “mixed reality” headset, would start at $3,499.00.

To give you an idea of just how much money that is, we did the math on how many other kinds of Apple products you could buy for the same amount.

140 AirTags (35 4-packs at $99 each)

140 AirTags

Credit: Apple

6 AirPod Max headphones ($549 each)

Six AirPod Maxes

Credit: Apple

5 iPad Airs ($599 each)

Five iPad Airs.

Credit: Apple

3 13-inch (M2 chip) MacBook Airs ($1,099 each)

Three MacBooks

Credit: Apple

4 iPhone 4s ($799 each)

Four iPhones

Credit: Apple

14 pairs of AirPod Pros ($249 each)

14 AirPod Pros

Credit: Apple

8 Apple Watches ($399 each)

Eight iWatches

Credit: Apple

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