Here’s a First In-Person Look at the Apple Vision Pro

Following the keynote event, Apple began allowing members of the press to get a quick look at the Apple Vision Pro headset in person. Apple has several demonstration areas set up, but as of right now, media attendees can only see the device and aren’t able to try it out.

apple vision headset
The headset has a futuristic, sleek look, with Apple mounting the devices on stands to give the media a closer look. The external battery pack can be clearly seen connected to the headset through a cable at the side of the device.

Design wise, the headset is not unlike a pair of ski goggles, featuring a wrap-around display that’s held against the face by a soft mesh and a seal that keeps out the light. The headband is made from a soft, braided material that’s meant to be comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

tim cook vision pro

headset battery pack
There is no word yet on whether media attendees will be given a chance to test out the headset today or later this week, but there is a good chance that we’ll soon be seeing some first impressions.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset will not be available for purchase until early 2024, and it will be incredibly expensive at $3,499.

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