Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Uses ‘Optic ID’ Iris Scanning Authentication

The Vision Pro headset that Apple announced today will have a unique biometric authentication method, employing iris scanning for the first time. Optic ID uses cameras in the headset to scan the eye, much like Face ID scans the face.

optic id
It is, in fact, almost identical to ‌Face ID‌, but it uses the unique layout of a person’s iris to verify identity.

Optic ID can be used to unlock the headset, authorize purchases, and unlock passwords, much like ‌Face ID‌ and Touch ID. Optic ID data is encrypted, stays on device, and is stored in the Secture Enclave processor so it can never be accessed by Apple or third-party developers.

The headset has numerous privacy features in addition to Optic ID. There is a visual indicator when the on-device camera is being used to record 3D video, and all eye input is isolated so apps and websites aren’t able to determine where you’re looking. Camera data is processed at the system level, so apps also aren’t able to see your surroundings from the multitude of cameras.

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