Turn your TV into a 4K digital art gallery

TL;DR: Dreamscreens is on sale for £32.37, saving you 20% on list price.

It likely sits on your wall in a prominent position, so it’s only natural to want to turn your television into a work of art. And fortunately, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks and purchase one of those frame TVs. There are other options to let famous works of art hang there on your wall when your television isn’t in use. 

Dreamscreens: Turn Your TV into a 4K Digital Art Gallery plugs right into the USB slot of your smart TV and turns your television into decor, with over 500 pieces of art to consider. And for a limited time, you can score this invention for only £32.37 — that’s 20% off the usual price tag and the best price available online. 

Not only does Dreamscreens turn your TV into a beautiful piece of art, but it also displays hundreds of the most iconic paintings in history in the process. Let your dinner guests marvel as Van Gogh’s Starry Night hangs on your wall, or change it up and set it to a slideshow format to show off numerous paintings. There’s also an option to play paintings as a video with background music to elevate your next event.

Each image is portrayed in ultra high-definition 4K quality, showing you every detail almost as if you were observing them in a museum. And you can choose between the standard screen version, which lets you observe the painting in its original size, or widescreen if you’d like the entire screen to be filled. 

Enjoy beautiful works of art on your wall for just £32.37 with the Dreamscreens 4K Digital Art Gallery for your TV, 20% off the usual price, and the best price available online. 

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