Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook will allow for more integration

Do you, like so many people, use Google Calendar for your personal life and Microsoft Outlook for your work life? Or do you use Google Calendar and struggle to send invites to your Microsoft Outlook peers? Do you work endlessly to schedule anything while flipping between the two apps? A solution is finally available.

Google(opens in a new tab) and Microsoft(opens in a new tab) announced on May 15 that their calendar apps will allow for more integration.

“Calendar Interoperability is the critical component to help ensure events created in one calendar system are accurately propagated for guests using different calendar systems,” Google announced in its blog(opens in a new tab). “This allows you to productively schedule time and manage your schedule collaboratively, regardless of your calendaring platform.”

Now, people who use Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook with the same email address can receive both Google Calendar invitations and RSVPs in Outlook for the same calendar. Outlook will remind you about events created in Google Calendar, and recurring events from Outlook will update on your Google Calendar. 

All of these new tools mean it’ll be easier to know what’s going on in your life, and will likely make scheduling a breeze. Unfortunately, they also mean you have far fewer excuses for missing a meeting.

This is just one of the many new announcements coming out of Google Calendar and Gmail over the past few weeks, including new Google Search AI chatbot features.

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