Connect 8 devices to this $53 USB-C hub

TL;DR: As of May 14, you can snag the Mobile Pixels 8-in-1 USB-C Hub(opens in a new tab) for just $52.99 instead of $59.99 — that’s 11% in savings.

Whether you’re on a MacBook or another computer that has traded many of its ports for a thinner build, it can be frustrating to juggle ports when you also need to charge your computer. Instead of collecting adapters to get all your devices to connect to the same few spots, get the Mobile Pixels Eight-in-One USB-C Hub. This compact USB-C hub(opens in a new tab) gives you eight more ways to connect, and it’s on sale for $52.99. 

Add eight ports to your USB-C device

Whether you want to connect another monitor or need to plug in an ethernet cable to make up for your dismal Wi-Fi, one of these hubs could be a major quality-of-life improvement. This port hub(opens in a new tab) comes with eight ports, including one HDMI, two USB 3.2, and one each of USB 2.0, USB-Type C charging, SD, MicroSD, and RJ45 Ethernet. 

If you use the same computer for work and for fun, one of these hubs could save you a lot of frustration during your daily hardware setup. Plug in your second monitor, wired mouse, ethernet cable, flash memory, and more into your hub and keep it at your desk. When it’s time to work, just plug in. If you want to do some browsing or streaming, your computer can disconnect when you disconnect for the day. 

Keeping a Mobile Pixels Hub on hand could also let you leave behind some of the adapters for other devices. MacBook users may not need to convert every device to USB-C when they have one place to plug everything in. You can even power up your compatible phone, tablet, or other computer just by plugging it in. The USB-C charger has a max output of 100W. 

A hub for work or fun 

If you want to streamline your professional setup and get rid of a few annoying adapters, a versatile hub might be your simple answer.

Get the Mobile Pixels Eight-in-One USB-C Hub(opens in a new tab) with 4K HDMI on sale for $52.99 (reg. $59). 

Prices subject to change.

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