These $80 translator earbuds know 50-plus languages

TL;DR: As of May 12, get the Peiko Generation 2 Wireless Translator Earbuds(opens in a new tab) for $79.99 — A 36% discount.

Learning a language as an adult takes a ton of work. It might be fun, but that’s still a lot of time to put in. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, if you’re planning a trip that relies on you being able to understand and communicate in another language, there may be an easier way than a linguistic cram session. The Peiko Generation 2 Wireless Translator Earbuds are wearable translators(opens in a new tab) that can interpret over 50 languages, and you can get a pair for $79.99 (reg. $125). 

Translate over 50 languages with these earbuds 

These translation earbuds(opens in a new tab) may not instantly make you fluent, but they might be the next best thing. Use your Peiko earbuds to translate one-on-one or during group conversations. When you speak, your words will be translated, displayed, and read aloud on your phone based on the languages you’ve selected. When another person talks, it’ll play right in your ear. You might even start picking up a few phrases from the translated language naturally when you can see a translation almost instantly. 

No need to try to memorize a bunch of phrases during your flight. Use your earbuds to translate languages from all over the world in seconds. That includes Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Romanian, Chinese, Portuguese, and so much more.

Peiko Gen Two earbuds are kind of like having your own personal interpreter with you at all times. Just make sure to bring along the charging case. Fully charged earbuds could give you up to four hours of playback, but you can extend that to 10 when you recharge periodically. A charging cable and manual are included with your purchase. 

Save on a pair of earbud translators 

Planning an international trip? Make sure to bring along a translator you can take all over the world. 

For a limited time, get a pair of Peiko Generation Two Wireless Translator Earbuds(opens in a new tab) while they’re on sale for just $79.99 (reg. $125). 

Prices subject to change.

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