How to try MusicLM, Google’s text-to-music generator

MusicLM, an experimental tool from Google that turns written prompts into music, is now accepting early testers via AI Test Kitchen, the company’s testing ground for AI technology.

To sign up for MusicLM’s waitlist, go to Google’s AI Test Kitchen.(opens in a new tab) Google will send you an email confirming your addition to the waitlist. Once you’re approved, you can prompt MusicLM with a descriptive phrase like “ambient, soft sounding music I can study to.” TechCrunch reports(opens in a new tab) that you’ll be given two music tracks to listen to and can award a trophy to the one you like best. That feedback will help improve MusicLM’s model.

In a blog post(opens in a new tab), Google said it was working with musicians and hosting workshops to learn about how creatives can use MusicLM as part of their development process. A video, embedded below, shows how Google’s Arts & Culture Artist in Residence and a Google researcher have been exploring the possibilities of the technology.

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