Google I/O 2023: New Gmail AI feature will soon write entire emails for you. How it works.

Gmail will soon have a feature that will write entire emails for you using AI, Google announced on Wednesday at its Google I/O event.

The feature, dubbed “help me write,” is basically an expansion of the auto-replies and generative text that Google already uses in Gmail. While announcing the feature, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, used an example of asking an airline for a refund for a flight. The AI feature pulls info from previous exchanges with the airline and creates an entire message asking for the refund. You can then edit that message to your liking and send it away.

sundar pinchai standing in front of screen displaying

Credit: Screenshot: Google

Image of ai-generated email

This is the example email of what AI could generate in an email.
Credit: Screenshot: Google

The idea behind the feature is to save folks time on relatively mindless emails. Anything that can help me clear inboxes is likely welcome help to people everywhere.

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